[PD] MIDI triggered samples

Phil Stone pkstone at ucdavis.edu
Thu Mar 24 21:57:54 CET 2011

OK, this was probably too broad a way to pose this. Let me try it this 
way: I'm not concerned with looping, re-sampling or sample-rate 
changing. I simply want a low-latency trigger of a sound file from an 
incoming event. The file(s) may, however, be quite large.

So, is a phasor-scanned [tabread4~] the best way to go about this? Will 
memory management become an issue if I have 44 or 88 of these large 
samples in memory at once?



On 3/24/11 11:30 AM, Phil Stone wrote:
> Hello collective PD mind,
> Despite having worked with PD for years, I've never used it as a 
> sample player. I have a project coming up where I will need to build a 
> bank of MIDI-keyboard-triggered samples to play in real-time, with 
> velocity sensitivity and one sample per key. Rather than reinvent the 
> wheel, is there something someone has already done along this line? If 
> not, can anyone give me a basic outline from which I can start?
> Phil Stone
> www.pkstonemusic.com
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