[PD] ⌘+⇧+L

yvan volochine yvan.pd at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 13:54:42 CET 2011

On 03/25/2011 01:09 PM, cyrille henry wrote:
> Le 25/03/2011 12:48, Joe White a écrit :
>> I've just been told I can clear the log in Pd-0.43 with the shortcut
>> '⌘+⇧+L'.
>> To whomever implemented this - you are a god.
>> Made my day so far :)
> personally, i hate this shortcut :
> it's the only one I use that i can't do with my left hand only. Since
> the right hand is on my mouse, it is not really convinient to use it.
> and since the clear button disappear, i have use the edit menu / clear log.
> well, look like someone god is someone else nightmare.

well, that's easy to change with a gui-plugin:

just puts this line in a file called "clear_console_shortcut.tcl" (or 
whatever name you like) and put the file in your pd path:

bind all <$::modifier-Shift-Key-X> {menu_clear_console}

and bingo, MOD+SHIFT+X clears the console =)

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