[PD] pd latency on puredyne 9.10 with Nvidia HDA

Bernardo Barros bernardobarros2 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 18:27:58 CET 2011

Some general and useful hints:

==> Install up-to-date kernel ( or the last rt-patch (still 2.6.33)

==> Install up-to-date JACK (jack1 or jack2, try both and see -- jack2
has support for multi-core)

==> Edit the /etc/security/limits.conf to allow you (user) to have rt

@audio          soft    cpu             unlimited
@audio          -       rtprio            100
@audio          -       memlock      unlimited

And add yourself to the audio group.

==> Use this script to help you check other realtime related configurations:


Hope that helps!

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