[PD] pd latency on puredyne 9.10 with Nvidia HDA

Billy Stiltner billy.stiltner at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 18:40:17 CET 2011

>> ==> Edit the /etc/security/limits.conf to allow you (user) to have rt
>> priviledges
>> @audio          soft    cpu             unlimited
>> @audio          -       rtprio            100
>> @audio          -       memlock      unlimited
>> And add yourself to the audio group.
> Forgot to say: NEVER start anything (jack, pd etc...) as root, it's
> not safe. This configuration above is enough.

I did try something similar but with cpu at 95 I think  and memlock at
30% of ram. still same glitching. once I get the glitching to stop
when pd window is open I will mess around with that. again. I guess If
I set cpu to unlimited I will have to catch the cpu overload in pd and
stop dsp.

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