[PD] help browser resize + guiplugins organization

Charles Goyard cg at fsck.fr
Fri Mar 25 21:09:38 CET 2011

Hi list,

I'm learning pd (so far the only serious thing I did is a video source
selector for live/playback/blackout display cropped in a circle), so I
spend a lot of time in the help browser. Today I ended up frustrated by
how small is that window. So I modified help_window.tcl to be able to
resize it vertically. Then I turned it in a guiplugin.

Here's the oh-so-complex code as a guiplugin:

# let the user decide the size of the help browser
bind HelpBrowser <Map> {
    wm resizable .help_browser 0 1
    pack .help_browser.frame -expand 1

(Just wondering: why is this window fixed size in the first place ?)

Also I had a more general question about these plugins: is/will there be
some place to centralize them or should every bugger like me post
snippets on the list ?



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