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Sat Mar 19 21:51:29 CET 2011

vanilla without loading any extra libraries besides the moog~filter
from ggee and this did not have any audio dropouts.  This is without

I will try this same thing with the same patch in Uuntu Studio 10.10.

Earlier I noticed from puredyne that whenever the audio glitches the
cpu% jumps to 1% instead of 0 for soundcard IRQ process. I tried
setting the priority of pd and pdgui to -10 and this seemed to help a
bit. Maybe I need to adjust the buffers for ALSA to match the buffers
of ASIO for ALL. which is set at 512bytes with a buffer offset of 4ms.

On 3/25/11, Billy Stiltner <billy.stiltner at> wrote:
> Thanks Bernardo
> Charles
> Possibly so.
> I wonder if I install the SB live if it will be autodetected. and the
> drivers are allready a part of the kernel or will I have to patch the
> kernel or something then reinstall all the audio software. At least I
> would determine if it is the soundcard or sound card drivers or not.

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