[PD] using pix_artoolkit

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Sat Mar 26 15:19:54 CET 2011

IOhannes a écrit :

> On 03/25/2011 04:16 PM, Mathieu Bouchard wrote:
>> the new GEM build takes 30 minutes on my computer and I have to change
> wow, it takes 6min35.635 here, from a fresh checkout to a Gem binary and 
> all plugins.

Congrats, you have a fast computer (and perhaps a cache of 
configure-results too).

> in my experience, the thing that takes most of the time when building 
> Gem is running autoreconf. since i cannot imagine what you would do to 
> re-trigger a full run of autoreconf, any subsequent builds should be 
> much faster.

I don't know... if I installed a library that I found out was missing, 
what else can I do, apart from ./configure again ?

> if you re-run configure and change some options, only a few files will 
> be rebuilt. (all those that include config.h, which are about 29 .cpp 
> files of 597)

Well, most of the time, what I need to change in the conf, is what a 
configure-script did not detect, and needs to be detecting now. Can I skip 
autoreconf in that case ? but doing "make" seems to be redoing much of the 
"work" that ./configure does anyway.

> and [pix_artoolkit] has it's own configure script anyhow, so you would 
> only need to configure and build a single file.

But did you read at all what the problem was ? I didn't get any 
[pix_video] support, so I wasn't able to test whether the [pix_artoolkit] 
really worked.

> btw, in a way this reminds me, why i couldn't use GF for ages: after 5 
> minutes of compiling, it would freeze my computer. after changing my 
> motherboard, i was finally able to build it.

When was that ? 2003 ?

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