[PD] List delete carnage - 2 questions

J bz jbeezez at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 20:32:58 CET 2011

Hey all,

I'm stuck.

I have a sensor which is spitting out numbers between 1-180.

Each number triggers an event that I only want to happen once but the sensor
repeats numbers every so often.

What I require is to have my numbers in 'something', so that if that number
has already been used I want Pd to say - 'hey' and then allow me to change
that number until we find one that hasn't been used?

I have spent the last couple of hours working with my numbers in a message
box and using [list-delete].  I think it must be my usage because it's
behaving very erratically (patch attached).  If someone could tell me what
I'm doing wrong with this and then maybe I/we can get onto the main problem
- which is; what should/can I use that will tell me if a number has already
been used and spit it back at me so I can do some maths stuff to change to a
different number that hasn't been used already.

Best wishes,


W7 PDE (latest)
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