[PD] access to pd table from another application

Billy Stiltner billy.stiltner at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 02:00:14 CEST 2011

>> Something prevented me from using glut
>> in the past I do not remember what it was.
> GLUT absolutely wants to run an infinite loop, otherwise it will not give
> you any events. Therefore you can't run it in the same thread as pd's
> event loop.

That must have been what kept me from using it as well.

> I tried breaking out of the event loop using setjmp/longjmp, just to make
> sure all implementations would support that hack, because I didn't want to
> use threads. The hack only worked on Linux, so I decided not to work with

I have dug through my archives and found some programs that might be
of interest to you as a reference for ms style handling of memory and
registers with cpp and  asm.

That should get your mindframe going in the right direction haha!
It's all 16 bit code though so of no use now besides a reference but
the function pointers and interrupt pointers should still be the same
I'll have to do some studying now.

Allthough with windows XP this worked

Here's you something to make the dos shell look more like an old linux
 terminal haha!

And here is my 3d fractal. It is not correct it is using this for the
orbits which is pretty and more like what I would imagine a 3d fractal
looking like instead of a hypercomplex, quaternion, mandelcube or

newx = ((x * x) - (y * y) - (z *z)) +k;
   newy = ((y *x) + (x *y)) +l;
   newz = ((z * x) + (x * z)) +m;

This is what I need to know how to do for the fractal for correct math
but noone seems o know how to do complex numbers in 3d. Maybe someone
on the list can shed me some light on the subject.

a: [x1,y1,z1]
b: [x2,y2,z2]

a*b=(y1 * z2 - z1 * y2)i + (x1 * z2 - z1 * x2)j + (x1 * y2 - y1 * x2)k

here's the link to the code. the exe runs on vista and xp.

website.zip contains documentation sucha as keycommands.
It is awesome to view a transparent 3d fractal rotating and colorcycling.
I would love to do this with GEM. Any tips on achieving that would be wonderful.

>> I do not know about GEM and another opengl app coexisting though.
> Some months ago, I was told on pd-list that [gemwin] and [pdp_glx] can't
> coexist.

That is no good I will have to do what I need in an external for PD
but am still looking into
netsend and netreceive. I did find a library
that works to connect but am studying cross browser DOM to get my code
to send messages. It's not the same as it used to be.Hopefully I can
write my own socket thing in JAVA to have a browser interface to pd.
This is still not good for files and saving presets so a JAVA file
server will have to be written as well.  I was able from a cmd prompt
and an MSYS shell to both pdsend and pdreceive. pretty cool another
option for  external application interface.

> If you have any pixel structures that don't fit in GEM, there is GridFlow.
> Supports up to 15 dimensions (though there's hardly ever a need for more
> than 5).
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I will look into it. see above link for opengl program fractal.zip I'm
trying to implement.

A comedy cartoon I done that has a mention of 5 dimensions.

Come on E16 haha!

Thanks for the response it it has triggered some sparks. Now I must
get to studying and patching. I wonder if my drum machine will ever be
finished now.

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