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Thu Mar 31 07:02:59 CEST 2011

On 3/30/11, Mathieu Bouchard <matju at artengine.ca> wrote:

> I have no use for that. The code I write nowadays does not work on
> anything else than the GNU compilers. I also had good knowledge of 16-bit
> DOS stuff back then, but chose to try to forget it.
> The only thing I want to do relative to MS compilers, is know how to call
> GEM functions from GridFlow, where GEM is compiled by VC++, and GridFlow
> is compiled by MinGW. This is (probably) required to get [#from_pix],
> [#to_pix] and [gemdead] to work again on Windows.

Here is the MingW docs for how to do that but the link to reimp
appears to be dead.

If you could reverse engineer this it might work. Appears the stack is
reversed and the segments are in diferent chunks.

Indeed the GEM exports are declared like this
# define GEM_EXPORT __declspec(dllexport)

The thing to do is use vc++ to compile to assembly language an  export function.
Then get gcc to compile the corresponding import function.

Look at the differences and make some inline assembly code to compensate.
Here is a reference from the gcc vcc+ veiwpoint.

> I am unsufficiently sophisticated for that kind of technology. Instead, I
> settled for using Linux.

Ha Ha likewise on the unsufficiently.

> What do you mean by « not correct » ?
>>   newx = ((x * x) - (y * y) - (z *z)) +k;
> for newx=0, x²-y²-z² = -k, hyberboloïd equation (revolution of hyperbola
> around x axis)
>>   newy = ((y *x) + (x *y)) +l;
> y*x = x*y, so for newy=0, 2*x*y = -l, another hyperbola formula
> (diagonally), but this one has translation symmetry instead, along z axis
> (because z is not used in this formula)
>>   newz = ((z * x) + (x * z)) +m;
> similar thing. but those * above are not products of floats, tell me right
> away.

Hopefully the compiler understood.

I have also used the quaternion with W removed.

Here are my notes on the matter.

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