[PD] [pix_mask] doesn't mask perfectly.

Olivier Baudu lamouraupeuple at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 12:49:15 CEST 2011


On the french forum Codelab (http://codelab.fr) Rep give me an other way to
get a mask.
Use the native alpha layer of a .tiff picture.

It works perfectly !

Thanks to him.



2011/4/1 Olivier Baudu <lamouraupeuple at gmail.com>

> Hi...
> I don't succeed in making a perfect mask with [pix_mask].
> Even if my mask is only in B&W, I can see through the "perforated" picture
> on places which shouldn't be transparent.
> I join a little picture (we can see the colored squares through the Simon,
> and I don't want that)
> Is it the same for you ?
> Pd 0.42.5 // GEM 0.92.3  // Ubunutu 10.04
> You can find the patch here :
> http://yamatierea.org/4pd-list/Interfasimon.zip
> Thanks.
> 01ivier
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