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dunno, but i am very much in favor of almost hidden art in public spaces, which doesn´t spring to the public eyes.
suprise is bigger when accidentally discovered.
an example (from my own work, sorry): soundchip mounted in a public trashcan in budapest, which plays "fuer elise", when someone throws into it.


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> oh wow, this is so complete, thank you for answering Simon. Have you done
> this kind of installation before? After some digest, I think you're right,
> the key is to create something easy to understand and interesting for both
> the audience and the performer. You nailed the key point here.
> Thank you very much :)
> On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 8:49 PM, Simon Wise <simonzwise at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 05/04/11 09:01, Adityo Pratomo wrote:
>> create an engaging interactive art piece for a public space? I was just
>>> doing a casual internet browsing the other day, looking at various
>>> interactive art in public space, then suddenly that question popped up.
>> Looking at only the public space + interactive part of the question (so not
>> considering general things to consider in making work for an audience .. or
>> in making something interactive, or placing a work in a public space) ...
>> Some choices I would probably make ...
>> - I would want to ensure there was no need to explain to an audience that
>> interaction is possible and desirable, and to use the interactive-ness of
>> the installation to provoke a desire to explore and discover. This is
>> certainly not the only kind of interactive installation I would be
>> interested in, but it would be my first impulse.
>> - The work must either invite or provoke the sort of activities that
>> create a recognisable response in its 'resting' state, or should be devised
>> in such a way that visitors to the space doing the common things in that
>> space provide the required input. These are two very different approaches
>> and lead to very different kinds of work, both are interesting to me.
>> - The interactive-ness should be noticeable by a casual visitor, and the
>> methods and logic of that interaction should be able to be worked out by an
>> engaged audience member through the kinds of exploration invited by the
>> special qualities of the installation and the particular habits and rules of
>> the public space it has been placed in. It is important to remember that
>> only some will engage in this way, and that the work should not depend on
>> this way of engaging but it should certainly allow for it. Confusing or
>> inconsistent behaviour is certainly a possibility, as a conscious choice of
>> the artist and followed through properly, but is hard to make work.
>> - The kind of engagement with the interactivity which is playful more than
>> analytical should be rewarding.
>> - The work should also be engaging for an audience member that is more
>> passively observing while others interact. That is I would keep in mind that
>> the interaction is only part of the work, and that quite often a passer-by
>> will be engaged by the work because of the interaction with someone else.
>> - Interactivity presents the opportunity to give a work a strong sense of
>> being alive, and of building a heightened sense of connection with the
>> space. The moment a visitor notices the responsiveness is very important, it
>> can be the start of some kind of narrative or journey, or some kind of
>> surprise which shifts the way the public space is perceived, or ...
>> There is a lot more to say, it is a very big topic!
>> Simon
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