[PD] libpd and game engines (shiva3d?)

Martin Eckart imartron at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 20:08:52 CEST 2011

I'm interested in using pd patches for game audio and was wondering if
anyone had thoughts and suggestions about integration of libpd with
existing game engines.  So far I've briefly scoped out Unity, Blender
and Shiva3D, all with their own drawbacks.  

Unity: Pricey, no linux games or editor, seems there's OSC plugin
Blender: Gamekit for mobile?  Not sure about its maturity
Shiva3d: Builds to win/mac/linux/web/android/iphone..., No OSC support,
promises a linux editor with 2.0
Torque: No android support?

So far I'm leaning toward trying to tie libpd or osc into one of these
engines in order to use libpd for audio.  Shiva3D allows you to make
plugins ( http://www.stonetrip.com/developer/doc/plugin/create ) which I
think I could get working with some effort either by creating libpd or
OSC plugins. 

Does anyone have opinions or experience with this?  I'm really just
looking for a mobile-ready graphics engine (like GEM!) that I can use to
mess around with music.  Would my time be better spent writing my own
library in openGL ES (I just need simple graphics)?  Should GEM be
ported?  How do would you make beautiful interfaces to pd on mobile


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