[PD] msg to abstractions

Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Thu May 5 13:09:42 CEST 2011

On Thu, 2011-05-05 at 11:31 +0200, Jeppi Jeppi wrote:
> Hi again,
> just another question regarding the pd-msg system. Say I have two
> parametrized abstractions [boo 1] and [boo 2] loaded in my patch. When
> I send a message to them to dynamically create some objects inside, I
> send it as 
> [obj 20 30 metro 100(--->[s pd-boo.pd] 
> which, of course, goes to both instances.
> Would it be a way to send the message only to a single instance, maybe
> taking into account the creation parameters?
> Adding prefix to the abstraction names is not elegant, as that would
> require previously creating n abstractions, named [1_boo] ,  [2_boo]
> and so on...clumsy

You could use the object [namecanvas] to name each of your instances of
your abstraction differently. Exactly this setup is the reason why me
(and many others) think that this object class shouldn't be deprecated
at all, as stated in the help-file.

Just put a [namecanvas $1_boo] into your abstraction. Then you can
address each instance separately ('1_boo', '2_boo', etc.) when sending
it pd-msgs.


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