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Jeppi Jeppi jeppiot at hotmail.com
Thu May 5 21:15:45 CEST 2011

Hey, many thanks to all for such great tricks&hacks!
The trick to route messages to a named subpatch turned out to be a chicken-egg problem if the subpatches are to be built dynamically as I need...thanks for the nice idea anyway :)though "obsolete" (?) that [namecanvas] really solved my problem. Hope it won't be deprecated, as it seems the only way to access individual abstraction instances through the pd-msg system. Otherwise a (better?) workaround should be provided.Btw where is this iemguts lib?

Date: Thu, 5 May 2011 13:24:22 +0200
From: funsseelen at gmail.com
To: claude at goto10.org
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Subject: Re: [PD] msg to abstractions

2011/5/5 Claude Heiland-Allen <claude at goto10.org>

On 05/05/11 11:56, Claude Heiland-Allen wrote:

On 05/05/11 10:31, Jeppi Jeppi wrote:

Adding prefix to the abstraction names is not elegant, as that would

require previously creating n abstractions, named [1_boo] , [2_boo]

and so on...clumsy

Just remembered there is a "loader plugin" out there somewhere that creates new abstractions from a template for any unknown names - not sure where to find it though IOhannes might know?



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