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> On 05/06/2011 08:45 PM, Fernando Gadea wrote:
>> Hi list!
>> If I move any slider in my controller to raise the volume of any
>> channel, it works perfectly well, but if I move the master level the
>> latency starts to get crazy and the resulting values come really slowly,
> Pd is designed to have a constant latency.
> so Pd's (and the system's) latency will never when moving a slider
> (well, unless you control a delay with the slider or do some other
> explicit latency fuddling, but that's a different story)
> or maybe you are referring to GUI latency? e.g the slider starts to
> visually respond very slowly (it seems like in CM-talk, "latency" mostly
> refers to audio latency).
> without having looked at your patch, a good chance is that you have
> created some control feedback.
Reading my mail I realized that I did not explain it all: the latency 
problem starts when the dac~ is computing audio. As you can see in the 
mixer, when I rise the master volume audio computation starts, meanwhile 
if I set master volume to zero it ends. It is while computing audio that 
the latency problem exists, so I guess the control side is not the 
problem (am I in the right logic?) Nevertheless I have done what I 
believe is an extensive control check in my patch, before and after 
finding that deleting the mixer channels the problem ended. After that I 
did another control check on the mixer part of the patch and found no 
control feedback (my checks are visual, following line after line, so, 
as human, I might be wrong, but I cannot find my error if I did one).
It seems that the latency is present not only in GUI. I send the values 
to a symbol in the main patch to see what I am doing, so I am preety 
sure I also hear the audio consecuences with the same latency (the audio 
rises just when the mixer volume rises, about a second after moving the 
slider if dac~ is on).
Anyway, I will look for some other posibilities of control feedback.
Thank you for your advice
> fgmasdrt
> IOhannes
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