[PD] auto-completion with popup [was: 3 new gui-plugins]

yvan volochine yvan.pd at gmail.com
Sat May 7 20:02:14 CEST 2011

>>> IMHO it would be better to see what kind of extra libs/plugins are
>>> loaded without debug level (it's easy to forget that you have this
>>> maybe-buggy thing in your path).
>>> I'd vote for posting those by default.
>> i'd do a gui-plugin that raises the debug-level.
> That's always a possibility, you can set the default debug level with a
> one liner like:
> set ::loglevel 4
> As for what should be the default behavior, that's a tough question.
> I've heard from a lot of newbies that having lots of text in the Pd
> window at startup is quite intimidating, so I think its good to really
> only show errors and strong warnings by default. More advanced users can
> hopefully figure out how to set the log level.

I see gui-plugins more like "add-ons" and seeing that some of them 
behave strangely, I think it's a good habit to have infos about external 
libs being loaded in default debug level.

from a noob pov it could easily lead to problems such as:

- why is pd behaving strangely suddenly ?
- remove all your gui-plugins and try again ?
- ooh, I forgot that I used xxx-plugin which is breaking pd !

this kind of infos posted at startup would make sense to me:
Gem version x
Gridflow version x
xxx-plugin version x

but maybe that's just me ;)
I understand your point though and I'll remove it from my code.


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