[PD] auto-completion with popup [was: 3 new gui-plugins]

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Sun May 8 18:37:33 CEST 2011

On May 8, 2011, at 3:33 AM, IOhannes m zmölnig wrote:

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> On 05/07/2011 08:02 PM, yvan volochine wrote:
>> from a noob pov it could easily lead to problems such as:
>> - why is pd behaving strangely suddenly ?
>> - remove all your gui-plugins and try again ?
>> - ooh, I forgot that I used xxx-plugin which is breaking pd !
> if xxx-plugin was breaking Pd, then you probably don't have a chance  
> to
> see the verbose messages either.
> anyhow, i think the default behaviour should not be targetted at the
> worst case but at the normal case, which i hope is the none-broken  
> one.
> if things do break, the user (and that's not only the noob) ought to  
> be
> given an easy way to inspect the problem (that is why i pushed hard to
> replace the numeric log-levels with symbolic ones)

On that note, I tried to figure out how to get the symbolic levels to  
show up on the menubutton, but I couldn't get it to work.  So I  
settled on just in the menu itself.



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