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> On Sat, May 07, 2011 at 02:31:57PM -0800, Josh Moore wrote:
> > I just got out of a long and heated argument with someone who claimed
> > he was an EE and told me that digital synthesizers use CVs. I tried to
> > explain to him that if they did, it would be ONLY a numerical
> > conversion so he was wrong and he still insisted that digital
> > synthesizers used CVs. Has anyone had this kind of experience?
> Yes, I have also had this experience of feeling frustrated by people
> claiming to be engineers.
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I have come to the conclusion that all audio is discrete. probably
everything measureable in the universe is discrete for that matter. There is
no such thing as continuous only in our experience when we can not discern
the difference between a change from one value to the next do we think of
something being continuous. Imagine if you will a tuning peg with notches
fitted in a notched hole. Now imagine a whammy bar fixed with the smoothest
bearings and axle known. Now imagine the atomic structure of the axle and
bearing. Isn't the whammy bar going to stop at little steps at the flat
spots where any 2 atoms of the bearings line up with any 2 atoms of the
axle? Would this not be discrete. Only our perception of sound hears the
whammy bar as being continuous. If we had a fast enough sample rate we could
slow down the recording of the use of such a whammy bar and see that it is
indeed discrete.
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