[PD] missing broadcast in netsend<0.43 (was: Re: 0.43 should still be a test version)

Andy Farnell padawan12 at obiwannabe.co.uk
Wed May 11 11:38:35 CEST 2011

On Wed, 11 May 2011 09:36:49 +0200
IOhannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> wrote:

> my point is rather, that i don't see why not being able to broadcast
> should be considered a bug: nobody claimed that this object can do
> broadcast at all.

It's a regression. There's probably a good reason for removing
it, however it did do this at one time, and IMO it was useful.

Andy Farnell <padawan12 at obiwannabe.co.uk>

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