[PD] MIDI messages priority

EWOCprojects venetian at scarlet.be
Fri May 13 03:48:19 CEST 2011

Hello, first mail here.

I am working on a video mixer with effects using pdp and pidip.  It 
consists of four parts each running a separate instance of pdextended 
0.42.5 each on one core of my quadcore laptop Linux system.  When one of 
the cores, running several video effects on a pdp stream, maxes out to 
100%, I totally lose realtime update of MIDI messages: when I turn a 
knob on my Vestax VCI-100 MIDI controller, the changes only filter 
through after sometimes more than 10 seconds!  I am using the Vestax 
connected to each instance of PD through ALSA MIDI.

I really hope there is some way of keeping a snappy MIDI response even 
on full processor load: to me, the realtime flow video stream is only 
second to constant MIDI message updates...


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