[PD] new Pd Tutorial in English

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Sun May 15 10:34:11 CEST 2011

you could put it in a wiki format, then other people could help?

are portuguese manuals really that important for brazilians? I think in  
Portugal people are used to english, and after trying to setup a  
portuguese version of pd wiki in 2007, I'm still the only portuguese guy  
who signed up.

> Hi folks, what's up?
> This all started with my pd classes in portuguese in Brazil, I then
> developed this tutorial that got kinda big.
> I'd show it to international friends around and they seemed interested,  
> some
> told me about having a spanish version or french but I could only do it  
> in
> english. For an workshop in Piksel last year I tried to translate it to
> english, could only finish it now. It's nice that it forced me to rewrite
> the whole thing (so I must have generated a whole new bunch set of  
> errors)
> and now I have an old Pd tutorial in portuguese that I don't like  
> anymore, I
> should rewrite it to portuguese now (maybe next year as I wasn't aware of
> all the hassle it is). I may have put myself into this infinite loop of
> writing and rewriting in the two languages, God help me...
> Anyway, I'm kinda sad I don't have a tutorial in portuguese that I like
> anymore. But the reason I did this is that I hope you people out there  
> could
> give me some feedback on this thing. I'm sure there are tons of typos and
> spelling errors so forgive me and please let me know.
> People are usually excited about this tutorial here in Brazil but never
> quite warn me of BS I write, and I'm surprised everytime I review it as I
> can always find trouble.
> Anyway, most of this was a motivation of having a pretty nice document in
> portuguese, as pretty much everything else is in english. I probably
> wouldn't do it if I was teaching in english all the time. So some things  
> are
> not much new, but I am proud of some other things, and I like the fact it
> tries to be quite extensive and all in one document, organized in folders
> that depend on previous patches.
> Oh, here's the link to it:  
> https://sites.google.com/site/porres/Tut-Eng.zip
> Thanks
> Alex

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