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Patrice Colet colet.patrice at free.fr
Tue May 17 23:03:08 CEST 2011

 I've replaced [line~] by a [phasor~] which phase is resetted at triggering then the little noise doesn't appear anymore,
it's attached, I don't know why [line~] is behaving so strange, anyway now it's perfect.

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> I've turned the B14.rockafella audio example into an abstraction where
> [phasor~] has been replaced by a [line~]
> for triggering the sample reading, the abstraction and a test patch is
> attached.
>  Once the soundfile has been loaded into a table we just need to set
> the original tempo of the soundfile,
> and the tempo at which we want the soundfile to be played.
>  If we want the soundfile to be played in loop mode, we just have to
> trig again when the sample reading is over, by using [del] for
> example,
> or [qlist].
>  The stretch works good but something very strange is happening, let
> me try to explain,
> when the read point reaches the middle of the soundfile a noise is
> appearing,
> and I couldn't determine why, it sounds like a buffer overflow, or a
> little distortion.
> this is happening when both tempo have the same amount.
>  Maybe the method for reading a soundfile is different when using
> [line~]?
> I wouldn't like to use the vocoder method because it takes a lot of
> cpu and artifacts comes whenever the sound is stretched or not.
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