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Wed May 18 19:51:13 CEST 2011

*Understanding**V**I**S**U**ALMusic 2011*

*Hexagram-Concordia Centre for Research Creation in Media Arts and 

*in collaboration with the Department of Music*


Montreal - Canada

August 26th and 27th, 2011




A two-day conference focused on developing an understanding of the 
practice of visual music, its definition, related creative and 
perceptual considerations, current trends, technological innovation, and 
possible future directions.

The event will take place on *Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th of 
August 2011* and will include paper sessions, roundtable discussions, 
and creative works presentations.

We are inviting researchers to present studies that address visual 
music's multiple definitions and dimensions, questions around visual 
music aesthetics and meaning, hierarchy and correlation of sound and 
image in this context, and the audience's perception thereof. Artists 
are also invited to propose visual music presentations -- both live and 
fixed. Attendance is required in both cases.



*Paper presentation*: please use the *online submission engine *at 
http://uvm2011.hexagram.ca/ to send:  [1] an *abstract* (250 words or 
less)**and [2] a *short biography *ready for printing (250 words or 
less). Additionally send [3] *a 3-page CV as a PDF file *to 
uvm2011.concordia at gmail.com <mailto:uvm2011.concordia at gmail.com>.

*Visual music presentation*: please use the *online submission engine 
*at http://uvm2011.hexagram.ca/ to send: [1] the title of your *piece, 
duration*, indication whether the presentation will be *live or fixed*, 
[2] a *short description* of the proposed piece (250 words or less), [3] 
a *short biography *ready for printing (250 words or less), and [4] 
*detailed technical needs*. Also include [5] *links to audiovisual 
sample material* hosted in a *non-expiring URL* (for this reason, please 
do not send your audio-visual material using /yousendit/ or any similar 
applications, and do NOT send your audio-visual material by email) and 
[6] send a *3-page CV as a PDF file* to uvm2011.concordia at gmail.com 
<mailto:uvm2011.concordia at gmail.com>.


*Paper presentations*: each paper will be presented in person by the 
author for approx. 20 minutes followed by 5-10 minutes of discussion.

*Visual music presentations*: creative works presentations will take 
place in a visual music show that will conclude the colloquium and 
between paper sessions throughout the day.

*Roundtable discussion[s]*: an hour-long open discussion on key issues 
related to the main theme of the colloquium.


- *Deadline *for reception of proposals: *June 18th, 2011*

- *Notification* of acceptance: *June 30th, 2011*

- *Confirmation of attendance* by artist/researchers: *July 20th, 2011*

- *Colloquium* UVM2011: *August 26th-27th, 2011*


Ricardo Dal Farra (co-director)

Eldad Tsabary (co-director)

Luigi Allemano (collaborator)


Email: uvm2011.concordia at gmail.com <mailto:uvm2011.concordia at gmail.com>

UVM2011 website: http://uvm2011.hexagram.ca/

*Understanding**V**I**S**U**ALMusic 2011*

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