[PD] Ubuntu Linux to Mac OSX Question

Brian Shepard brian at studioii.com
Thu May 19 22:11:17 CEST 2011

Good question. Simply double-clicking the files wouldn't open them, so I was
trying to open them with TextEdit and save them as a text file. The
preferences in TextEdit were set to "Automatic" and once I set them to
UTF-8, I was able to save and open the files in Pd. I just tried your
suggestion of adding a space before the #N and that worked as well. Thanks
for the tip! 

On 5/19/11 12:51 PM, "Mathieu Bouchard" <matju at artengine.ca> wrote:

> On Wed, 18 May 2011, Brian Shepard wrote:
>> Funs, that¹s it! Forcing Textedit to save with UTF-8 did the trick! Thank you
>> so much!!!
> So, which format had you used before, instead ?
> If a file starts the UTF-8 BOM-code (EF BB BF in hex) it will cause "#N"
> to not be recognised, because it's parsed as 5 bytes instead of 2 (the
> 3-byte header will be counted as being part of the #N).
> In a text file format that uses BOM, you can circument this problem by
> skipping a line or inserting a space before #N.
> If the #N receive-symbol can't be contacted for a 'canvas' message, then
> the #X receive-symbol won't get registered, causing the other error
> messages. however, a subpatch declaration will suppress this message until
> the subpatch ends, because then, '#N canvas' will be correctly read,
> registering the receive-symbol #X, and '#X restore' unregisters #X.
> I think that your default text format was already UTF-8, but with the
> 3-byte BOM header, instead of the usual headerless format.
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