[PD] opengl performance on osX

Charles Goyard cg at fsck.fr
Sat May 21 13:43:36 CEST 2011

Hi list,

cyrille henry wrote:
> thanks to nvidia profiling tools, Nicolas pointed that gem is limited
> to 50% usage of the GPU.  there is certainly a limitation somewhere on
> osX preventing application to use full performance of the hardware.

It would be interresting to see if proprietary software runs better.

In the blender osx faq :

How can I get Blender running faster?

OSX Aqua uses OpenGL extensively for drawing, so it might happen your 3d
card doesn't have sufficient memory to draw accellerated with a larger
window size. A solution that works well, is switching to less screen
colors: set the menu in "System Preferences -> Displays -> colors" at
"thousands of colors".

Another common issue is with using the Dock on top of the Blender
window. This kind of transparent blending takes a lot of 3d card drawing
powers, and can better be avoided by setting the Dock to become


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