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Sat May 21 17:40:47 CEST 2011

Hello ignacio!

the ev_vid.pd abstraction already has an outlet that bangs out different
video properties. 
in order to keep the number of outlets managable we did not just forward the [bang]
which is produced by [pix_film] when the end of the file is reached, but rather sending out the 
message [end(

so basically if you want to use the outlet of [ev_vid] to trigger some external processes you could achieve this
by using [route end] for example, having route connected to the outlet of [ev_vid]

However i discovered a bug in the ev_vid abstraction, that is due to the realtimer part, which manages fluent
video-playback even when the computer is under heavy workload. With this mechanism, pix film gets
a float number, telling the pix_film object, which frame it has to "play".
unfortunately this somehow disables the "bang when end is reached" function. 
I couldnt find out, why that is, but i fixed it in the abstraction.
you will find the fixed abstraction (incl adopted helpfile) attached in this mail.
simply replace the ones in your EV_Toolkit directory with the new ones.
with this the workflow to get the [end( message would be as described earlier:

[ev_vid 0]
[route end]

feel free to ask if something is not clear.


Von: "Jose Luis Santorcuato" <santorcuato76 at gmail.com>
Gesendet: 21.05.2011 06:19:37
An: "Ignacio Aguirre" <ignacio at independiente.cl>
Betreff: Re: [PD] Extended View Toolkit

Hi, in GEM the object pix_film delivers a bang when the last frame is reproduced, when the movie ends bang to [1 (   and starts the others videos...also you can bang a zero and stop the current movie.
Bets regards


2011/5/20 Ignacio Aguirre <ignacio at independiente.cl[mailto:ignacio at independiente.cl]>
Hello all
 im currently working with EWK (great tool!) for my pre grade thesis. i have a simple question, and hope someone can help me...
 is there a way to know when the last frame from a video is played?  
 im editing the ev_vid.pd patch, and putting a "print end vid $1" in the last outlet of pix_film (it should send a bang when the movie ends) but im not getting anything. I also try with the [end( message, but still having no results. 
 the idea is when the videos from a group ends, its automatically starts a second group.
 Thanks for your time guys!
hope to let you know soon about mi thesis made with pd and kinect.



Hello All!

I want to announce the official release of the Extended View Toolkit.


The Extended View Toolkit is a set of abstractions developed for the art installation "Extended View streamed".
It is intended to be an easy solution to experiment and realise panoramic video and complex multiscreen projection 
environments to createimmersive media experiences.

It features a set of abstractions that are able to combine multiple related image-sources 
(like video input, video playback) into aconsistent panoramic image. 
The source-material, e.g. the camera to display has to be aligned horicontally, since image-combination 
is based on simple, openGL basededge-blending and not algorithmic pix by pixel comparison.

Furthermore it features abstractions to create multi-screen, multi-projector environments to enable 
correct representation of (not only)panoramic material. The projection abstractions can be combined 
to form big screens out of multiple projectors with softedge betweenoverlapping borders of single 
projectors and contain a vertex model that can be adjusted in 4, respectively 9 points, so that 
projections onchallenging geometric surfaces is possible.

Additionally, all abstractions are controllable via OSC-styled send/receive-messages, which simplifies 
OSC-based external control.

Also, since streaming video was part of the project, a gstreamer based streaming solution was developed 
by Peter Innerhofer to distribute panoramic/multistream video over network. 
It can be found here: [https://github.com/peonic/streaming[https://github.com/peonic/streaming]]

Libraries needed: mrpeachBuilt with pd 42.6 and GEM 92.3

Shader Programming/openGL: Cyrille Henry
GEM: Marian Weger
Prototyping/GEM: Peter Venus
Streaming: Peter Innerhofer
Initiation/Supervision: Winfried Ritsch

A short demo-clip can be found here: [http://vimeo.com/20311051[http://vimeo.com/20311051]]

The project was made possible through support from IEM-Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics (iem.at[http://iem.at]) 
and CO-ME-DI-A.
The CO-ME-DI-A project is supported by the Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) 
of the European Comission forthe period 2007 - 2010 ([http://www.comedia.eu.org/][http://www.comedia.eu.org/%5D]).

Your feedback is welcome!


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