[PD] Segmentation Fault when using Gem (possibly due to [pix_chroma_key])

Antonio Roberts antonio at hellocatfood.com
Tue May 24 10:30:16 CEST 2011

I'm trying to do a bit of video effects using the attached patch but
I'm encountering a segmentation fault.

(To use the patch open a directory of video (.mov) files in the
[playlist] object, click on one of them then press the bug red start

The segmentation fault only seems to happen when the video going into
the left inlet of [pix_chroma_key] changes, not the right. Can anyone
tell me why this is?

I'm using pdextended 0.42.5 on Ubuntu 11.04 on a Dell studio 1555 with
ATI proprietary drivers (fglrx)

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