[PD] control lot of audios files with arduino + puredata

FernandoG dataferx at gmail.com
Mon May 30 05:20:04 CEST 2011

i need to design a sistem to control 40 diferents audio files and playback
in a stereo sistem. I was thinking to use puredata and arduino, load the 40
audios in a pd patch and use 40 switches and resistors into some arduino
inputs to trigger and playback any of the 40 audios in pd. Every switch will
be conected to a diferent resistor to  generate diferents voltages then
arduino inputs can diferenciate witch audio to playback. Also i need to
power on a led any time a specific audio is been playback. The 40 audios
will not be playback simultanusly, but probably al least 15 or 20 could be.

Anybody knows about a similar proyect? can i use analog input to control
various samples or its not good idea? multiplexors? do i need to use an
arduino mega or its not necesary?can i power 15-20 led simultaneously? the
best way to do this system stable for long long time?

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