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On 06/03/2011 05:38 AM, Ignacio Aguirre wrote:
> Hello Again!
>  Damn, i tought im asking too much...
>  i have another question about EVT.
>  here is my history... im gonna connect 3 projectores, but as i have no
> enought money i will no use a matrox system (or something like these),
> inseted im gonna use 3 computers, each one of them connected to a different
> projector... so im gonna have 3 projectores and 3 computers...

if you are buying any hardware, then buying a matrox triplehead2go is
most likely the cheapest solution (well, putting 2 gfx-cards into a
single computer might even be cheaper if you have the right sockets)

however, i guess you are not buying any hardware, and instead re-use 3
computers and 3 projectors.?

anyhow, an alternative solution for you might be to setup a chromium[1]
renderfarm, which allows you to render an openGL scene to multiple

>  so, ill use a fourth computer to manage the data in the other three
> computers. The manager pc will send OSC messages to each pc to turn on / off
> the ev_groups. Each computer will gonna project only a part of the screen.
>  my problem is, when im trying to send OSC messages to one of these
> computers, the server computer doesnt recibe anything, insetead when i use
> the "send" cmd locally, where all the message workg perfect...
>  so, in concrete, what should be the port to send the messages via OSC from
> the manager pc to the others computers?

the port doesn't really matter.
here is a small checklist (sorry for obvious dumbnesses in there)

- - are the computers networked?

- - do you know the IP-addresses of each computer (or their DNS-names, if
you use a nameserver)
  -- can you ping each machine from each other?

- - are you allowed to open the port locally? (that is: usually all ports
below 1024 are for priviliged users only; so you should use something
higher, like "7777")

- - is there a firewall running on either of the computers blocking
traffic in this very port ("incoming traffic" on the machine running
[udpreceive]; "outgoing traffic" on the machine running [udpsend])?
if so, you have to open the firewall, preferrably only on the given ports.

- - do you have the IP-address in the "connect" string right? 'localhost'
and '' will only ever connect to the machine you are sending
on; you cannot use those addresses to reach another machine.

- - do you use the same port for sending (to) and receiving.
  if you use port 7777
   [udpreceive 7777] (on machine with DSN-name 'render1.mynet') will
only receive data sent from a
   [connect render1.mynet 7777( -> [udpsend]

how to do these things is of course depending on the operating system,
which you either haven't told us, or i missed it.


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