[PD] Debian: Pd-extended VS debian packages

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Mon Jun 6 19:27:48 CEST 2011

On Jun 6, 2011, at 5:04 AM, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:

> IOhannes,
> IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:
>> On 2011-06-06 00:08, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
>>> It looks like many extended libraries are now packaged in debian.  
>>> But
>>> what is the difference with the extended distribution?
>>> Also would it make sense to have something (TM) that would install
>>> packages to have an as-near-as-possible extended install?
>>> I *think* I downloaded all the possible pd-* puredata-* packages,  
>>> but
>>> for example I'm missing the iem-gui libs and [init] which I use  
>>> quite
>>> often. I guess some stuff is left out because of packaging standards
>>> requirements.
>> packaging all the libraries that are currently part of pd-extended is
>> currently in progress.
>> not all libs have been packaged yet.
>> pd-extended itself (that is: the core of PdX, without any libs) is
>> pending as well.
> Very good news, thanks for the info.
> Lorenzo.

This is true, but it'll happen a lot faster if more people get  
involved in the effort.  For my part of packaging for Pd-extended, I  
am now basing all my Pd-extended work out of Debian.  That means that  
in the not distant future, a library must be included in Debian to be  
included in Pd-extended.

Also, I'm stopping working on packaging on a number of libraries that  
are currently included in Pd-extended.  That means in order for them  
to stay in Pd-extended, someone else will have to take over the  
maintenance of them.  Here's that info:


You don't need to be a Debian Developer or Maintainer to get involved,  
you just need to be willing to do the packaging work.  There are a few  
Pd people involved in pkg-multimedia (Alexandre Quessy, Roman,  
IOhannes, and me) so we can sponsor pd related packages to get them  
into Debian (and therefore Ubuntu, Mint, etc).



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