[PD] pdp: Handling pdp_v4l VS pdp_v4l2 and possibly updating the examples

Lorenzo Sutton lsutton at libero.it
Wed Jun 15 09:38:34 CEST 2011

All the examples in pdp use pdp_v4l. On two of the machines I tested
(with different webcams and distros: ubuntu lucid 10.04 i386 and debian
wheezy amd64) these only work with v4l2 (and thus [pdp_v4l2])

I wonder now-a-days what the statistics are with v4l and v4l2 devices
and which are currently more 'representative' (i.e. is v4l still very
widely used?)

Anyhow - Maybe the examples for pdp should also exist with pd_v4l2. Or
maybe pd_v4l and pd_v4l2 could be encapsulated into, say, an abstraction
which enables to chose. Not sure which would mean most work..

What do you think?

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