[PD] Pd performance at TED

Ingo ingo at miamiwave.com
Tue Jun 21 09:25:32 CEST 2011

>> Sorry Marco,
>>but I can see that you have never played jazz!

>Unfortunately not Ingo. Would love to.
>I play regularly electroacoustic free improv. 
>So perphaps we are talking a different language?


>Could you elaborate your answer?
>If I'm missing something about the innovation of that work I'd be glad to
learn :)

What I have seen on your videos is very good and interesting but has
absolutely nothing to do with jazz - obviously!

When playing jazz you want to have control over every note that you are
playing in the range of a couple milliseconds. You also want to control the
timing, bending, volume, volume changes even within every note
(articulation) and the sound of each individual note. In case you are
playing with other people (which is not the case in this particular
performance) you need to be able to react to other musicians by picking up
melodic / rhythmical  lines and elaborate on them in the context of the
changes of the harmonic structure and build melodies on the fly that make
musical, expressive and emotional sense.

This cannot be achieved by triggering patterns!

You're interface might be able to produce great soundscapes but it cannot
get deep enough into the musical microcosms to shape each individual note
within a melodic line where every single note may be only 100 ms long. It
takes a completely different interface for that. It's much more like playing
a saxophone or a violin where every attack, articulation, vibrato, etc
counts. The electronic wind controller version has the advantage that you
can produce other sounds like drums, synths, do looping and so on while
still going for the same musical content.

BTW I don't think Pd plays any role in what Onyx Ashanti is doing. He could
use Pd for it or he could use a bunch of other boxes to do what he does.
However Pd has the advantage of doing everything in one box rather then five
of them. In what he is doing he is definitely not showcasing Pd.
Today's available wind controllers are very limited! This is why people like
Onyx build alternatives. I am experimenting myself with a custom wind
controller that could overcome some of the problems that I am having with


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