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I figured that I would chime in at this point.

Every single note you hear, is being played, as in one at a time, as a horn
player does, into a looper which I use to layer everything very quickly into
an arrangement then deconstruct and reconstruct on a musically relevant
trajectory. There was nothing pre recorded or preconceived. Simply a
controller, a database of synthesizers and a looper with effects. I am
playing every single solitary note. If that sounds like it is hard to do,
you're right.

As for not seeing how pd is used in this project,  The controller is merely
3 arduinos, running hans wonderful firmata/pduino software, connected
wirelessly to puredata where I created the wind controller software and
gestural systems. Without pd there is no system.  It's all documented from
day one on my blog. No parodies involved.

I would like an elaboration on how the system is "clunky" if you don't mind.
First off, I feel that it is pretty streamlined for a first prototype made
of cardboard that is only 3 months old. Two wireless hand units and a mouth
unit. If you have suggestions as to how I might improve it at this stage,
before my next stage or dev, I would love to hear it. @marco, how would you
make this concept more "beautiful" or "efficient"? I am always a willing
student in these regards. Do you have any examples of said efficiency? Being
an instructor, I would have expected that you would have seen the blog link
on the Ted profile and researched your position before simply asserting that
my concept has no value.

@Tyler. You are correct in that I don't care about making it rain granular
algorithms (yet), I want to be able to express myself for fully using tools
available to me. Hans and others were nice enough to help me with advice and
code and it just happened that some people (Ted) other than my immediate
fans found it interesting. Even now, I still busk, but this opportunity
makes it a bit easier to realize some of these larger goals.

The phone is used as a headup display for making sure all my sensors are
doing what they are supposed to do.

@richie. I have been a pro in electronic music for 15 years. Google it.

One thing that I and other alternative controller artists are realizing is
that we must be in the audience. Otherwise people can not see that you are
actually playing. That is why when I play clubs I play from the dance floor
and currently monitor with the club sound system which is hard but allows a
flow of ideas that doesn't come from separating ones self from the audience.
And from there people can see your fingers and gestures carve the sound.

This form of performance blends my desire to connect with my space my music
and my movements as intimately but, it should be noted as well, this is a 3
month old prototype so that people are discussing it and I have even moved
from beta stage yet, is encouraging.

If you would like to hear what is possible with this concept, go to
feel free to ask me.

Www.beatjazz.blogspot.com <http://www.beatjazz.blogspot.com/>

Germany+49 176 3543 7859
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