[PD] [GEM-dev] Gemwin help patch

Benjamin ~ 01xy benjah at free.fr
Tue Jun 21 14:53:19 CEST 2011

nice update, thks
a few suggestions :

in the exemple section
    basic create, +"turn on renderering"
    +"turn off rendering", destroy window

in [pd more window properties]
+ [border $1< border 0/1 create a window with/out borders
+ [create remotehost:8.0< when using X-windows, you can also create a 
window on a remote display ! (I never tried this)

in [pd fullscreen]
   to obtain a full screen on all plateforms, you may prefer to create a 
window without border, with  prior dimen and offset settings
   [border 0, dimen 1024 768, offset 0 0, create, 1< in clone mode 
(adapt to the size of your screen), you need to create a shortcut to 
close the window as, without border, the window stay on top, "ESC" key 
for this patch
   [border 0, dimen 1024 768, offset 1024 0, create, 1< in extended 
desktop mode (adapt to the size of your screens)
see [pd offset] subpatch for more details ?or pd offset content mixed in 
[pd fullscreen] > [pd fullscreen offset] ?

approx english ...


Nicolas Montgermont a écrit :
> ok,
> i added that and corrected the [buffer 1( problem pointed by olivier.
> It still lack the class definition under the title...
> corrected version attached
> n
> Le 20/06/11 19:04, Max a écrit :
>> Hash: SHA1
>> maybe there could be a reference to [ortho] in the viewing subpatch.
>> 2ct.
>> Am 19.06.2011 um 18:42 schrieb Nicolas Montgermont:
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