[PD] advices needed to track dancer (kinect, osceleton, tuio, pidip)

manecante manecanta at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 21 16:28:01 CEST 2011


i need to track a dancer to project and map videos on him (one of the
video is a human body on a black background).
I am trying the kinect at the moment thinking first that it would be
the easiest solution because it has the infrared camera and no need of
infrared light. So, I have made a first patch using osceleton to get
the coordinate of the dancer and mapped these X/Y/Z coordinates to
feed a translate object connected to pix_film so the video is
following the dancer.

Regarding this solution, the limits are :
- the distance the kinect can track : from what i experimented and
read it can not track correctly with more than 4,5 meters.
- the PSI pose is required (it is not a big deal because the show
starts in the dark anyway but would be better without it).

Now here are my questions:

- i have got pidip working and i read that i could use the [pdp_joint]
object to avoid to do the PSI pose, but the problem is i don't
understand how to use it regarding this project and if it would be
possible to get the coordinates like with osceleton.

- I know there is also the TuioClient object that could be usefull but
after binding it to osceleton port nothing happens.

- I have never worked with tracking motion and video projections
before and i am also wondering where i should put the beemer and
camera to be the most efficient as possible.
(I don't know yet the dimensions of the stage ..)

- Someone told me that it would be maybe easier to do it with the ps3
eye camera removing the IR filter, and put it on the cealing to work
only with the X/Y axes.
any ideas on this ?

Any advice would be very much appreciated,

#ubuntu 10.04
#fireGL v5700

thanks in advance

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