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> Hi list
> A link that might contribute, somehow, to the debate
> http://www.jeanmarie-adrien.net/documentaire-inter.htm
> cheers

Thanks for sharing this. 

I loved the starting remarks on connecting, integrating activity
being a kind of truth, and removing a tension between artists
when the dancers did the conducting. The whole project of "integrative"
art (is that a fair term?) is exciting.  

I don't know if I missed your point Jean-Marie, because
my French is terrible and the conclusion was not notated,
but for me, once the sensors appeared there came a cold
disconnect. The discssion about the role of the orchestra
was abit lost on me, was that a point of comparison? 
The dancers movement could not be married to the "intelligence" 
of the electronic orchestral notes, but they could by live 
performers ?

Repeating myself I know, for me there must be a kind of
simplicity and directness, like a tap dancer. Marcos work
has it, but with crude tonalities, Onyx performance doen't
have directness for me, its a confusion, but by his account
it is a very sophisticated gestural performance, and the musical
result is easier to digest.

Is there something more to this than finding a balance?

Marco, I am about to check out your more recent videos. Have
you found that with some practice the "musicianship" part has
gotten better/easier?

(BTW Jean Marie, are you the same JMA who wrote that woderful
chapter on modal synthesis in De Poli et al?)



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