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Wed Jun 22 10:26:50 CEST 2011

Onyx, do you think that perhaps all these questions that were raised aboutwhat
exactly you were doing would encourage you to perhaps make yourperformative
"movements" and means more evident? Or do you think this is notimportant for
your goals?
well right now it is literally the task of creating a language to speak
with.  I have seen many gestural performances, thanks to youtube, and i have
seen things done with dance troupes and sensors as well, but i want to
find/create something that is more interesting than representative.  i
believe that the representative aspect will come from being close to the
performer/performance.  this type of thing has to be experiences up close to
negate ones "bulls^&t" response ( ie, you see a guy fly during a concert,
there is a part of your brain that screams "bulls%^t!", BUT, if he were to
levitate in front of you, your mind would be blown).  in the next 6-18
months, i'll have a more defined spatial language.

The thing is, nobody asks a violin player what he's playing (as somebody
mentioned a few messages ago, sorry for the lack of proper quoting here), I
believe, because these traditional instruments are already within our
culture, so one knows, roughly speaking, how a violin should be played and
how it might sound like. However, with gestural controllers/instruments of
course it is a different matter...

but with electronic music, we're all a bunch of jilted lovers because were
are all so used to hearing amazing music that was created in a very
unexciting manner.  what this project is, currently, is "ok" sounding music,
done in an exciting manner (to me).  thats why i looked so calm on the TED
video even though my effects wouldnt latch (assigned to the extremes of the
accelerometer range), because i had to concentrate of multiple variables at
once and no longer have the distraction of "ease"...every performance is a
strain and it is the best feeling EVER!  when doing a DJ set or an ableton
set, it is hard to suck because its all pre-recorded...you can even put on a
song and go to the toilet.  with this, you can definitely suck, which is
very exciting to me because the harder you can suck, the higher the highs

When Onyx mentions playing at audience level, inside the club, I remembered
of Dan Deacon and Girl Talk's performances which also often apply this idea,
and it is interesting to observe how the audience is also curious to see
what they're doing, so I guess it is a common behavior...

I love what girl talk does. he covers his laptop in saran wrap to keep
drinks from killing it, and he just has everyone around him for the duration
of his set.  THAT is the future.  i have discussed this with many other
alternative controller artists and we agree that the way forward for
musician alternative controller artists, is to swim in the soup of sound
that you are creating with a stage being for brief moments and a conveininet
place to keep ones gear;-)

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