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May I suggest.


On 6/22/11 11:08 AM, "Mathieu Bouchard" <matju at artengine.ca> wrote:

>On Wed, 22 Jun 2011, Onyx Ashanti wrote:
>> The thing is, nobody asks a violin player what he's playing (as
>> mentioned a few messages ago, sorry for the lack of proper quoting
>> here), I believe, because these traditional instruments are already
>> within our culture,
>It's not just that, it's that the number of parameters is limited. With
>computer music there is no way we can learn to understand what's going on
>in the manner that we did with traditional instruments, simply because it
>doesn't take many variables at a same time to become confused, and with
>computer music there are always more variables that can be added to
>confuse the audience, and those variables can be added and removed at any
>Every show is a potential opportunity to confuse the experts about what's
>going on, more than it ever was.
>> but with electronic music, we're all a bunch of jilted lovers because
>> were are all so used to hearing amazing music that was created in a
>> unexciting manner.  what this project is, currently, is "ok" sounding
>> music, done in an exciting manner (to me).  thats why i looked so calm
>> on the TED video even though my effects wouldnt latch (assigned to the
>> extremes of the accelerometer range), because i had to concentrate of
>> multiple variables at once and no longer have the distraction of
>> "ease"...every performance is a strain and it is the best feeling EVER!
>The audience has no idea what you wanted it to sound like, so they have
>way to measure your satisfaction other than looking at how you seem to
>feel like.
>> when doing a DJ set or an ableton set, it is hard to suck because its
>> all pre-recorded...you can even put on a song and go to the toilet.
>In the early days of the Pd Montréal users group (or actually, before),
>there was that joke that the performer could very well be checking his
>email while his music plays on its own. We were talking about Pd, because
>one can also use Pd in this manner. We were talking about the lack of
>proof of the « liveness » of a performance.
>> I love what girl talk does. he covers his laptop in saran wrap to keep
>> drinks from killing it, and he just has everyone around him for the
>> duration of his set.  THAT is the future.
>Doesn't that sound like the TopLap manifesto ?
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