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Yes, it's exactly like that.  But that's the way the term was defined, which-- as you 
point out-- covers wide array of synthesis techniques and uses of digital computers.

I would just conclude that it doesn't seem a particularly enlightening term, except for 
a specific subset of parodies that have to do with technology.  As a term of derision 
I think it's confusing/confused.


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You're right, no one ever said that.  Even me.

Did you actually look at the patch?  It is a technological parody of record scratching.  

It perfectly fits the definition given on this list.  If you don't think so, then
please tell me what you can do with that patch that's so musically interesting that it 
would warrant buying a modern digital computer instead of a turntable.

Well, one might want to connect the sampler patch to another patch that produces a contrasting sound, they both would share the same values sent to the atom to change pitches ect.

Don't you think to say a patch that emulates scratching sounds from audio samples is a technological parody of a scratching record player, is a bit like saying a patch that emulates the sound of the piano is a technological parody of a piano (they are both instruments)?. I think one purpose of audio software to emulate instruments ?  Regarding if it is musically interesting, I'm v. sure you know record scratching is(was?) used as an instrument in hip hop and such.

If a purpose of audio software is emulation of physical instruments  then I don't think it should be  labeled as a technological parody.  Otherwise you could use the argument 'why have a computer when I can buy a physical instrument' every time? 

 Just sharing thoughts really, interesting topic.

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