[PD] pdp removing v4l in favour of v4l2 [WAS] Re: Pd-extended build for Ubuntu 11.04 x64 ?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Jun 29 15:56:25 CEST 2011

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i haven't had a look at your code but:

On 2011-06-29 15:31, Lorenzo Sutton wrote:
> Previously sent to Hans only forwarding to the list.
> Hi again...
>> The best thing would be to help Lorenzo get pdp working with v4l2 and
>> remove the v4l stuff.
> It doesn't seem so trivial though... I hadn't understood correctly that
> pdp_v4l2 is actually part of pidip, not pdp.
> So following the radical approach of totally getting rid of v4l in
> favour of v4l2 here's  my first attempt where I brutally replaced
> pdp_v4l.c with the contents of pdp_v4l2.c, 

now this sounds really really like bad practice.

imho, [pdp_v4l] is a v4l1 object, and should stay like that.
by changing it, you break all the patches that rely on [pdp_v4l]
accessing their v4l1-webcam.

pidip has been removed from the puredata repositories because of license
issues. just using the code and assuming whatever license is a no-go.

replaced #include
> <linux/videodev2.h> with #include <libv4l1-videodev.h> and renamed the

you should not hardcode this.
pdp comes with an autoconf system. write a check whether a header exists
and use the result of the check to include the header file.
(esp. when replacing a header that comes with virtually any modern linux
by one for which you need to install a 3rd party library)

> setup function and symbol in the setup function to pdp_v4l (i.e. the
> object is still [pdp_v4l] when you load the pdp library).

see above.

> I did some changes to configure.ac concerning the ability to pick up the
> pd source file (giving for granted puredata-dev is installed) and the

don't take anything for granted!
pdp comes with autoconf: use it to write tests to check whether a system
matches your expectation.

> videodev.h headers.
> - changed the default  prefix to /usr

the default prefix for every build should always be /usr/local.
/usr is reserved for package managers (like apt).

packagers can easily install to /usr by specifiying "--prefix=/usr" in
their packaging rules.

> Sorry this is all very hacky... but as I said I'm very new to this kind
> of 'packaging' thing.

sorry for being so down-to-earth.
the above mentioned issues shouldn't be too hard to resolve though, and
it would make you skip the "packaging noob" status :-)

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