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Ludwig Maes ludwig.maes at gmail.com
Sat Aug 6 18:24:48 CEST 2011

Hi, ive been playing around with the synth in the "stuff" folder and noticed
some mistakes/strange manipulations, the weird thing is that it works out of
the box. Originally I considered it as a serious example, but since certain
things dont work properly or are strange I thought perhaps this was meant as
a fix-me to learn from? i.e. as a didactical example for students to find
common mistakes?

I could be wrong of course so please point out what I dont seem to


*after dbtorms (_root_mean square), 2 extra roots are taken before sending
it as 'amplitude' to the adsr, whose output is squared twice again... so
what we get is that changing the input db by say 20, we are really only
changing the output db with 5(=20/4)... I have no problem with rescaling
midi velocities to sensible ranges but: one could just as well divide by 4
before the dbtorms so that the patch is more comprehensible

*in the adsr patch (gadsr.pd) the attack phase is completely skipped (the
rise message for the attack is sent to the line~ object, but instantly
followed by the rise message for the decay, so that it rises to the decay
amplitude), this is easily fixed by correcting the delay

if this is a fixme, what other ones am I missing?

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