[PD] Segmentation fault Gem 0.93 pix_delay, pix_motionblur, pix_colormatrix, pix_frei0r

ALAN BROOKER alan.brooker2010 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 14:14:21 CEST 2011


Kubuntu (Maverick) linux, PD 0.43 with new Gem 0.93

Im having issues with the pix objects that I believe specifically
relate to video files ( such as pix_delay, pix_motionblur,
pix_colormatrix, pix_frei0r)

I can create the objects in the canvas, but when I click to open a
help file, PD crashes and I get the message below in the terminal

load plugins 'film' in '/home/alanb/pd-externals/Gem/'
pattern : /home/alanb/pd-externals/Gem/gem_film*.so
dylib loading file '/home/alanb/pd-externals/Gem/gem_filmMPEG3.so'!
dylib loading file '/home/alanb/pd-externals/Gem/gem_filmQT4L.so'!
Segmentation fault

The Gem help patches that relate to pics such as jpg etc are fine.
[pix_movie] and [pix_film] help patches come up but the auto play
doesn't not work- using a number box to move the frames works however
(if is was to send a metro then it would play fine) but not the auto

Have these issues been replicated with anyone else or any advice to
resolve ? Thanks all -appreciate any comments and the continued hard
work on Gem & Pd.


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