[PD] multiple instances of the same dynamic abstraction?

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 1 02:02:31 CEST 2011

Here are some revisions.

cnv-adr-testmain-rev-normal.pd: Here I avoid dynamic patching altogether, because it's not necessary for the behavior your trying to get in the abstraction.

cnv-adr-testmain-rev-dyn.pd: Here I added [namecanvas $0-cnv] and sent to that instead of the abstraction name.  You 

still get the cord from inside the abstraction showing up on the parent.  Looks like a bug.

Sending to pd-abstractionName.pd will send to all instances of an abstraction (desirable in some circumstances).

Using [namecanvas $0-whatever] will bind a unique symbol to that canvas, so you can use it to send only to "this" 

instance using [s $0-whatever].  (The [iemguts/sendcanvas] object does the same thing, with the added benefit that 

you don't have to actually bind a symbolic name to the canvas.)


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> Subject: [PD] multiple instances of the same dynamic abstraction?
> Hi, I'm currently experimenting with dynamic patching, sending mgs to cnvs 
> etc.
> One obvious question is, how to address a dynamic abstraction when having 
> multiple instances of it in a main patch.
> Is there a way around this?
> Besides that any msg to the cnv hits all occurrences of that particular 
> abstraction I manage to crash pd almost regularly with 0.42.6, ext-0.42.5 and 
> 0.43.0.
> 0.43.0 also shows an Tcl-error message, probably regarding the line which sticks 
> out when running that example on 0.42.6 and ext-0.42.5. 
> (this cord also shows up when using just one instance of this abstraction).
> I included a simple example.
> Any hints?
> Thanks a lot, Michael. 
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