[PD] importing / using large equation into expr command

Rick T ratulloch at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 15:22:35 CEST 2011

Greetings All

I have 2 large equations that I would like to use with the expr command.  Is
it possible to import a text file into the expr command?
Here's an example of one of the 2 equations
Basically it's a 1 second periodic signal with sample rate at 44100 which
the equation gives me control over the frequency,amplitude,phase and
vertical offset

I do have the ability to create a wave (audio) file of the equation first
and import the wave file into PureDate, but will I have the same control
over the frequency,amplitude,phase and vertical offset that the equation
gives me?.

If you want to know what I'm creating.
1) The first option will import a text file into a table/array that will
control the variables of the equations that will vary
frequency,amplitude,phase and vertical offset over time.
2) The second option will allow the variables to
be controllable/variable using a midi controller and it's audio signal

I know Puredata can do this very well with small equations and the expr
command but using large equations I'm not sure.  Also if I should be doing
this in a different way please let me know I'm always willing to learn
something new.

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