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Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Tue Sep 6 00:20:26 CEST 2011

On Sep 5, 2011, at 4:05 AM, Chris McCormick wrote:

> Hi Pierre,
>> Hi Chris, I tried PdDroidParty on my cousin's phone over the week- 
>> end.
>> It's
>> so easy to install and use it's scary. Thank you for sharing this!
> Great stuff, I'm glad it works easily for you. These kind words make  
> me
> motivated to get the new release out ASAP! :)
> (My Android phone died last night unfortunately but I will try to  
> buy a
> new one today as the new release is very close and I might just be  
> able to
> fit it into the family budget with some stretching heheheh).
>> Now two questions :
>> - Do you plan on improving the GUI just a little bit? (I like the  
>> rough
>> look
>> of Pd's native GUI, but i think it'd be nice if we could have a  
>> little
>> color
>> on the sliders, bangs and toggles).
> Attached is a screenshot of what I am working on right now. You can  
> theme
> the supported widgets with SVGs. E.g. an SVG image for toggle-on and a
> different one for toggle-off. You can have different SVGs according to
> labels and sendname too. So for example you could have all toggles  
> themed
> with one look, and then give one toggle the "send" field of "record"
> themed differently with an SVG ("Toggle-record-off.svg") that looks  
> like a
> record button.
>> - Can i use [shell] in Android in order to delete and create  
>> folders, and
>> generally manage the tracks i record on the phone?
> I have made an abstraction called [loadsave] which wraps openpanel and
> savepanel in desktop Pd and lets you have a nice Android style  
> interface
> on the device. That gives you a small amount of access to the  
> filesystem,
> but not everything you mention. If you use the [menubutton]  
> abstraction
> you can put things in the Android menu too. See the other screenshot  
> for
> that.
> However, your question begs a larger one which is support for a  
> limited
> number of externals. It would be cool to support [shell] and also  
> the OSC
> externals in PdDroidParty, but it really depends on whether they  
> have used
> Hans' Makefile-template which makes compiling for Android trivial. I  
> will
> put this on the TODO list to investigate.
> In the end I would like to keep the number of externals as small as
> possible so that things work on vanilla Pd on the desktop, but if  
> someone
> really needs something I am happy to look at putting it in. This is
> especially true if you get the PdDroidParty code checked out and do  
> the
> work of making an external compile in yourself. :D

[shell] is in ggee and [system] is in motex, both of those use the  
Makefile Template, so they should be really easy to compile for  
Android.  How are you installing externals with PdDroidParty? It'd be  
nice to have a simple, common folder to drop the whole library in, say  
something like /sdcard/pd-externals.



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