[PD] pduino rewrite

Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Fri Sep 9 10:49:10 CEST 2011

On Fri, 2011-09-09 at 10:03 +0200, Ingo wrote:
> Hi Roman,
> I just messed around with the rewrite and - as you mentioned - you didn't
> fix any of the bugs.
> I even think I send you a mail about the digital pins 2 & 3 and provided a
> fix for it here at the forum. Of course it's still there!
> About the other things:
> - The test patch has still no switches to turn on the pull up resistors.
> - in Natty the comport number for USB0 is 32 that's not available in the
> choices 0 - 7. I think for Linux [devicename /dev/ttyUSB$1( would be a
> better choice. At least this option of naming should be mentioned somewhere
> in the test patch or help patch. (maybe I missed it somewhere?)
> - help-patch: there is no such thing as "PullDown". It's only "PullUp".
> It should be mentioned that pin 13 does not work for "Pull Up" due to the
> built in LED and resistor. There should also be a short explanation about
> PullUp resistors for beginners.
> - help-patch: DIGITAL-INPUT should mention the PullUp resistors. I spent a
> lot of time at the beginning making lots of complicated cable connections
> because the help patch recommends connecting the pins to ground instead of
> simply switching on the PullUp resistors. At least as long as you are not at
> the very limit of your power supply.
> Since I only use the digital and analogue ins I didn't look any further. So
> I can't say anything about the output stuff.
> The digital pins 2 & 3 should really be fixed sometime soon. I was hoping
> you'd be getting some of these problems solved rather than putting a grey
> background to the help patch (lol).

Yo, it's very much a work in progress and yet the main goal was not
loose any functionality by getting rid of the externals. I did not
address any bugs yet, because I didn't experience any.

I only have a arduino Diecimila to test here. So, I ask you again: The
problem you mentioned with pin 2 and 3, on which arduino board model do
you experience it? Also, if the problem is located in the firmware and
not in the [arduino] abstraction, I rather don't 'fix' it in the
[arduino] abstraction.

Since you seem to have a strong interest on making it work for your
situation, I suggest to give you commit privileges to that repository.
You could send me your public key off-list and I would give you access
to that repository.

Also, thanks for your other comments. Those are all valid points that
need to be addressed.

(Actually, 'pduino rewrite' as thread was a bit too much a promise, it
should have read 'please test and report back'.)


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