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Roman Haefeli reduzent at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 11:24:38 CEST 2011

Hi Ingo

Thanks for all your reports.

Sorry that my replies sometimes only come a few days later. I'm still
willing to fix any outstanding issues, but not very often I find time to
get an arduino into my hands. Since sometimes I have troubles following
you and keeping your several bug reports apart from each other, I'd
suggest to stick with [arduino] bugs and let the documentation aspect
aside for a while. 

I _think_ I finally understand your problem with the digital ins. I
can't currently test or reproduce the problem, since I don't have an
arduino at hand, but from reading the code, I think I see what could go

On certain incoming commands of [pd digital messages], the [pd
debytemask] *) subpatch generates more than one message, but only the
last one is finally sent to the outlet, because it only fires, when the
left inlet of [+ ] is triggered, which is under all circumstances only
triggered once after all the [pd debytemask] messages have fired.
Actually, the order should be inversed, so that all messages from [pd
debytemask] go the _left_ inlet of [+ ], and the summand is sent the
_right_ inlet before.  This is what I did in the patch you find

I rather have my version going into [arduino], since it is much less
code than yours. From what I can tell, they both produce similar output,
but as I said, I haven't had the chance to test it in real-world
circumstances with a real arduino. So, please test and report back.

I guess the main reason nobody (including me) has noticed this bug yet,
is that you won't trigger it, if you only test one digital in at once.
Changing the state of only one input at a time makes it seem, that all
inputs work correctly. Only when changing states of several inputs at
the same time, you will receive only a single digital messages, which is
obviously wrong.

I'm happy now that you kept bugging about this. It took me a while to
(hopefully) understand the problem. Thanks for your persistence.

*) There is no [debytemask] abstraction anymore in the git version of
[arduino]. I replaced it by a subpatch.


On Sun, 2011-09-11 at 06:20 +0200, Ingo wrote:
> There is another thing that I just noticed about the pduino test-patch.
> The mode buttons are suggesting that you can turn of all functions by
> selecting "NONE". This is not true! These buttons have absolutely NO
> function and should be replaced with the correct commands.
> While doing this the option "Input-PullUp" should be added.
> The Arduino generally defaults to input. Selecting "NONE" at the current
> state leaves it at the last selected option.
> The analogue ins can actually be turned off by the command "analogIns X 0"
> (where the X stands for the pin number 0-5). The digital input pins need the
> command "digitalIns X 0" (where the X stands for the pin number 0-11).
> I also think that there should be a separate block for digital an analogue
> (with the available options only) as beginners might think you could select
> "analog" as an option for digital pins, and so on...
> Ingo
> BTW with the fix I just submitted in my last email all digital ins now work
> flawlessly after testing for several hours. I am amazed that hardly anybody
> noticed is bug for over two years!

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