[PD] PD-Launch videos + Miller Puckette's 20-lecture puredata video course??

TAD BISAHA tadbisaha at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 22:37:01 CEST 2011

Bonjour João,
Take a look at this address: http://pd-la.info/2011/04/pd-la-usb-stick/
I took this link to acquire a USB.  
contents: videos + patchs  
Videos ok, some patchs of examples are missing, but it's of your level, 
I believe ;-)
Au plaisir, Tad

Ps: about PdCon last night in Berlin, did you find some cables (4)? jack 
For the time being, there is only my head which I do not forget...

João Pais a écrit :
> I would also be looking for that (and still waiting since the last 
> time it was asked in the list).
> João
>> Hi,
>> I know the documentation of pd-Launch was quite iffy. But perhaps 
>> someone
>> could let me know if it's been uploaded anywhere yet and, if so, 
>> where to
>> find it. Also, I remember some usb sticks where for sale at some 
>> point with
>> a supposed 20 lecture course on pd by Miller. Any way I can find that
>> somewhere too?

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