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> On 2011-09-26 07:59, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:
>>  The three clauses of the BSD license used by Pd Vanilla are compatible with 
> both 
>>  the GPL v2 & v3
> but not the other way round.

Yes, in fact-- that's how compatibility works.  All the terms of both versions of the 
GPL v2 and v3 are compatible with the entire three-clause BSD license.  There are 
of course many ways for an author to come to a conclusion about what is the best 
license for a piece of software, but none of them have to do with the compatibility of 
the two licenses with each other.

As a separate issue-- if a piece of software is licensed under foo, and the author 
only accepts patches that are licensed under foo, then obviously you should license 
the patch under foo if you want to get it accepted.

> so if you want your patches to be included into Pd proper, then they
> must (legally) be BSD3.

The main restriction here is that you cannot take or revise someone else's code that 
is licensed under the GPL and decide to _change_ the license to something else.  
The GPL does not allow that.

You can take code you have written yourself which is licensed under the GPL for one 
project, and license it separately under the three-clause BSD or some other license for 
another project (or even sell specific licenses to a person or company).

> any patch for puredata posted to the patch tracker, is silently assumed
> to be BSD3 my miller (see the list archives for his quote) unless
> explicitely stated otherwise.

Is there a way to add a blurb under "Add artifact" that addresses this?


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